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Bridal Dress Questions? We’ve Got Answers

bridal-dress-clevelandBridal Dress Questions Answered

Do you have a question about finding the perfect bridal dress?  At Linde’s Bridal & Prom we have the experience and concern that you find just what you want and what makes you look fabulous too.  Your questions and concerns are our top priority.  From time to time questions arise that we feel would be bneficial for many brides-to-be.

Where can I get a box to store my bridal dress?

After wearing your bridal dress you should have it dry cleaned and sealed for storage.  Usually the dry cleaner will provide a box for storage and may seal it to protect it from dust and moisture.

Where can I find a discount bridal dress in Northeast Ohio?

At Linde’s Bridal & Prom Store in Massillon, Ohio we carry a large selection of bridal dresses.  We usually have at least 600 dresses to choose from, most of the time many more.  We also have a good selection of discounted bridal dresses in many sizes starting from $99.99.

What are some popular and affordable bridal gown designers?

Well, some of the popular wedding designers are Alfred Angelo, Jasmine, Casablanca and Mori Lee. Almost all bridal stores carry some of their collections. Casablanca offers several collections to choose from. The other designers also carry a collection of certain styles.
Here are the web addresses of these designers, but please remember we carry many more.

We do not recommend ever purchasing your bridal dress from an online store.  You may end up getting a knock-off design or it may be a second and dealing with an online store can be a real headache.  You should always try on your bridal dress before purchasing it.  Your wedding is about you and your dress.  A few dollars saved online may end with a bad taste in your mouth and real disappointment.

Is it common for brides to go without a veil with her wedding dress?

A veil is definitely optional! Traditionally, the veil was worn to confuse evil spirits from recognizing and tainting the bride’s good luck and purity. Nowadays, it’s purely a fashion statement and whether or not you wear one is completely up to you.

Veils can be made in many lengths, shapes and designs to complement you, your dress, your hairstyle and your make-up. Whether you choose to wear one over your face, in your hair at the back, as part of a hat, or not at all is your choice and completely acceptable.

Finding the best dress to suit you does not have to be expensive.  Let Linde’s Bridal show you our large selection and you will find a beautiful bridal dress that will fit your budget.

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