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Get ready to rock the high school prom this year with a 2019 trendy prom gown. Every girl spends countless hours dreaming about attending their senior prom night. Everyone wants to look their best and feel good about themselves at the prom. Every detail from hair, makeup, dress, shoes and accessories needs to be planned for. The 2019 trendy prom gown can be a reality with a little bit of planning and research.

The thing is, trends for high school prom dresses come and go almost yearly. Of course, you would want to keep up with the trends and that is what we aim to do in this article. To help you out, here are the latest styles and trends to watch out for when it comes to 2019 trendy prom gowns.

One thing that you should know about the image of a prom gown or dress for 2019 is that they should be all about sophistication, appeal, elegance and femininity.

Here are 2019 trendy prom gowns styles that are emerging:

1. Ball gowns with fluffy skirts – Ball gowns are back for another year of prominence. Every girl dreams of looking like a fairy tale princess and ball gowns do it best. This year consider a floral pattern and some sequins to brighten up your night.

2. Gowns with rose gold – It seems that rose gold is dominating jewelry, makeup and even hair trends nowadays. If you’re looking for a soft tone touch of elegance then look for dresses in rose gold colors. Perhaps you may think about accenting your prom gown with jewelry, makeup or accessories with rose gold coloring.

3. One-shoulder prom dresses – 2019 trendy prom gowns are all about the one-shoulder look. This year they are taking center stage. You’ll find this design in ball gowns, mermaid dresses and satin gowns. Plan to get tanned as dark skin always goes well with the one-shoulder look.

4. 2019 is all about satin and Lycra fabrics – Lycra looks amazing in one-shoulder mermaid and other tight fitting styles. Satin gives the appearance of elegance and flair. A lace up back looks great with these fabrics in mind. It doesn’t matter if you want fitted or floaty, they are all desirable. Featured in everything from ballgowns to chiffons and bardot jerseys, a lace up back is worth a second look.

5. What colors are all the rage? – This year it’s all about red, red and more red. Was it ever not? Bright scarlet and ruby in satin, Lycra and jersey are trending. Blues have been the number 1 choice of prom dress for many years and continue to be very popular. There are so many hues and shades to choose from that you needn’t worry about matching with someone else. Black and white are always popular also. A snug fitting black dress reveals your sexy shape while giving those not so perfect spots a slender look. White is for elegance and purity and following closely are dresses of yellow coloring.

6. Floral patterns are strong this year – No matter if your body type is a pear, apple, top-heavy, plus-sized, petite or hourglass you will find dresses with floral patterns. It’s all about the florals. From pretty pastel yellow, to striking black and red, to blazing blue or majestic purple, floral patterns always make heads take a second look.

Get the help of an expert

Prom night is always a special time for a young girl. By taking note of the 2019 trendy prom gowns styles you will find a dress that brings out your style and personality in a way that will make the night very enjoyable and memorable! Let a formal dress shop consultant help you find the perfect prom dress. Their experience and expertise is invaluable. Visit Linde’s Bridal & Prom in downtown Massillon where knowledgeable sales personnel are anxious to help you!

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