Creating A Wedding Budget You Can Afford

Your Wedding Budget – Don’t miss this step

Wedding budget | Lindes Bridal & Prom Massillon OHThe most integral part of planning a wedding event is setting your wedding budget. Your budget plan is necessary because it is very difficult to determine what you can manage for each part of the wedding celebration if you don’t first establish the overall spending limit. It is possible that you will find that deciding on the spending plan is the hardest component of wedding preparation. Of course, you want to have the very best and most memorable wedding celebration possible. Throwing care to the wind and skipping this crucial step is a large error that will most likely taint those sweet memories.

Funding Your Wedding Budget

The days when the wedding event was paid for by the parents of the new bride are now virtually gone. Moms and dads will commonly contribute toward the wedding event costs as a present to the pair, but it is becoming rather uncommon for moms and dads to cover the entire cost of the wedding event.

Normally, this is because the parents simply can’t manage it. Couples today commonly choose to spend for their own wedding celebrations, partly, because it allows them to plan it in a manner in which they desire without interference. However, you should never underestimate the wisdom and experience of others you trust and look to for guidance.

These days, 4 out of 5 couples pay for their own wedding celebration and it helps to understand just how to break down the wedding budget into manageable pieces.

When producing your wedding budget plan, you will initially start with the general overall amount that you can pay to invest in your special day. The typical wedding event today costs roughly $19,000. This is the average and your cost can vary greatly depending on your location and specific circumstances, however this is what the data presently shows.

Wedding Budget Necessities

Now you need to take that total budget amount and divide it percentage-wise for each major aspect of your wedding. The major things to determine just how much to invest in the wedding celebration are:

  • clothes
  • the rings
  • catering
  • decorating the venue
  • disc jockey and/or entertainment
  • gifts to attendants and family
  • flowers
  • photographer (don’t use a friend unless they are a professional)
  • venue rental – reception and/or church
  • the cake
  • motel room for wedding night
  • misc. expenses like table favors and officiating costs

If you are not good at figuring percents, you can make use of the Internet and check different websites that supply cost-free or low-cost wedding budget spending plan calculators. That will surely make it easy for you to get started. We’ve made it even more simple. We checked online and found a very simple to use budget calculator and a more robust one that will give you the average amounts being spent on specific categories in your wedding location. Just click on the links to use them.

Using those calculators you can either input your spending limit total and then play with each category to stay within your total spend amount or, by using the more robust cost estimator you can determine how much you will need to save for your wedding expenses by using actual amounts others have spent in your area. You may certainly want to use both calculators. It is always a good idea to add 10%-20% to your total for unforeseen expenses and cost overruns.

Stay Within The Plan

Your goal is to stay inside your budget. By assuming you will spend more than you actually estimate your stress level will diminish and the end result will be much more pleasant. If that means having to book a DJ for two hours instead of three or spending $800 on the reception cake instead of $1000 you will be much happier knowing that upfront. Avoid falling into the common trap of wanting some item so much that you disregard your budget. If you can’t be happy with a cheaper alternative then you will need to cut your spending in some other category. Be committed to staying within your wedding budget!

You can have the wedding of your dreams if you spend time developing and structuring your wedding budget with realistic expectations. Both you and your groom will benefit if you make this a practice in many financial decisions both in the short term and long term.

What Should You Do If You Come Up Short?

Here are some ideas to enable you to cut the expenses:

  • Lower the size of the guest list.
  • Do a lot of the work yourself (like table decorations, table favors, venue decorations and wedding invitations).
  • Ask for help from relatives and friends.
  • Reduce the size of the wedding event.
  • Forget the extras like limos.

By setting down on paper a wedding budget you can manage, as well as noting all of the areas that you need to spend cash on, you will be able to start to fine-tune your ideas on the kind as well as extent of the wedding celebration that is realistic for you.

Sticking To The Wedding Budget Is Crucial

Do not neglect that you will have a lot of costs to pay for after the ceremony when beginning on your wedded life with each other. It simply does not make sense to create an additional problem from the beginning by over-spending financially on your wedding event. One of the very best gifts you can give your spouse (and vice versa) is to bring along no financial debt from the wedding!

Your wedding gown is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of your planning. After you determine your dress budget visit Linde’s Bridal & Prom store in downtown Massillon. Our experienced and trained staff will help you find the perfect dress while staying within your spending limit. We look forward to serving you and to help you stay within your wedding budget plan!

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