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The prom is probably one of the most important occasions of a teen’s life. For teenage ladies, it’s an event that ranks right up there with getting a driver’s license. Prom is a night when young women get the possibility to feel like princesses in their lovely outfits, expertly styled hair, stylish shoes, classy bags, and, obviously, the fastidiously selected boutonnieres and corsages.

As a flower designer, I have actually assisted hundreds of fired up teens choose the ideal flowers to match their prom outfit, so I know how crucial this occasion is in a young adult’s life. It is always my satisfaction to spend time learning what sort of flowers they want and which colors and designs will best match the gown and tuxedo. While I thoroughly enjoy the celebration, I understand that a lot of these young individuals are ordering flowers for the very first time in their lives. They’re typically nervous and unsure of the best ways to get exactly what they have in mind. Here are a few suggestions to make the process easier:

Order prom flowers promptly

– Order early. Prom takes place during peak wedding ceremony season and sometimes falls on Mother’s Day weekend. Wedding season and Mother’s Day are extremely hectic times for flower designers. A number of the flowers that are popular for use in boutonnieres and corsages are likewise popular in arrangements for both wedding events and Mother’s day. You should place your  flower order at least two weeks before the event. This will permit your flower shop the time to make specific he or she has the appropriate amounts of the high-demand flowers on hand.

Coordinate prom colors

– Let your date know which flowers you like, or go together to buy your flowers. If you’re not able to go together to purchase your flowers, you might want to provide your date a photo of the kind of flowers you want.

– Consider your date’s attire when ordering. Two extremely popular styles of prom flowers are wrist corsages and hand-held nosegays. This will permit your florist to match the colors, ribbons, and flowers to your clothes.

Affordable prom flowers

– Your flowers don’t have to be expensive to be stunning. Speak with your flower shop about your budget plan. He or she can suggest affordable flowers that, when placed in a nicely developed corsage, will be every bit as beautiful as the more pricey varieties.

All in all, the finest advice I can probably provide for ordering your flowers is to make the effort to engage your flower designer in a discussion about what you desire, what will best match your clothing, and just how much you ‘d like to invest. Remember, your flower shop is professional and will enjoy to make the effort you have to assist you in selecting the perfect prom flowers.

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