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Fabulous Flower Girl Tips

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Tips For Success With Your Flower Girl

How do you prepare the flower girl for that special wedding day? The bride is selecting her gorgeous wedding gown. The bridemaids are oohing and ahhing over their dress selections. The mother of the bride is debating shade variation and dress length. Color hues, fabric type, accessories and shoes are the topic of every conversation.

But, what about the flower girl? She is a very important part of the whole wedding picture. Yes, there are horror stories about flower girls gone wrong, but that doesn’t need to happen to your little princess. Here are a few tips to consider for your flower girl:

Keep your flower girl comfortable

• Try to keep her dress comfortable. A stiff or scratchy material can be very uncomfortable. She has to wear her dress for several hours and you want her to feel like a “comfortable” princess the entire day and into the evening if necessary.

Choose her dress with her character in mind

• There are a plethora of styles to choose from when selecting a dress for your flower girl. Some brides want their flower girls to wear dresses similar to their own wedding dress. Some like a simple, sweet dress with a ribbon tied around the waist that mimics the color or colors worn by the bridesmaids. Some flower girls love the look and feel of a darling tutu skirt with a simple white t-shirt.

Her hairdo makes the difference

• There are endless possibilities for hair styles to adorn flower girls. Braids are very popular and when hair is properly braided, it will usually hold up very well through the entire day. Try several different hair styles before choosing the one that suits your flower girl. Salon appointments are often overwhelming and tiring for young girls so if a family member or friend can create the hair style that is usually best. Two or three practice sessions would be very helpful.

Choose comfortable footwear

• Comfortable footwear is very important. If new shoes are purchased, please make sure the flower girl wears them for several hours prior to the big wedding day. Often flower girls can go barefoot or wear popular barefoot sandals for a summer or beach wedding.

Practice, practice, practice

• If your flower girl is going to be walking down the aisle by herself, throwing petals or just looking adorable, have her practice the walk a few times so she will feel as comfortable as possible when the actual event starts.

Keep her occupied

• Have an emergency “flower girl bag” packed to help her through the day. Items to include could be an activity book of some kind and perhaps a sticker book or picture book. Keep away from colors or markers as you do not want any “accidents” with the dress. Include snacks and something to drink. Again, be careful to choose items that will not cause a disaster if spilled. Have wipes to clean little hands and face before the ceremony. Bring hairspray, extra bobby pins, and hair ribbons to freshen up the hairdo if needed. If the flower girl is quite young, perhaps a favorite stuffed animal or blanket would be comforting.

Sometimes young flower girls need a break from a full day of wedding activities. If pictures are going to be taken in the morning or early afternoon perhaps a nap or time spent in a quiet activity before the ceremony would be very helpful to your flower girl. Be sure that your little person gets a nutritious breakfast and lunch to fuel them through the big day.

Flower girls are such a delightful addition to any wedding ceremony. They are unpredictable, adorable, beautiful, sweet and unforgettable. Most little girls love dressing up. Make the day with your fabulous flower girl a special one; she’ll love the whole experience and so will you.

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