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Rock the Prom with a Trendy Prom Gown

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What teen girl would not spend hours and hours planning her prom gown outfit to the high school prom? There are no Plain Janes in a prom after all – everyone wants to look their very best and this entails a lot of planning, and not to mention, daydreaming! However, a great prom gown does not have to be nothing more than a daydream – it’s something that should be yours for real.

2016 Trends for a Prom Gown

The thing is, trends for high school prom dresses come and go almost yearly and of course, you would want to keep up with the trends as well. To help you out, here are the latest styles and trends to watch out for when it comes to high school prom dresses.
One thing that you should know about the image of a prom gown or dress for 2016 is that they should be all about sophistication, appeal, elegance and femininity. Style bibles have predicted that the following styles will reign in the upcoming prom season:

Guipure Lace Prom Gown

Say what? Guipure lace is also known as air embroidery. It is dense lace with convex patterns, connected by grid. This is used as an overlay and bright, rich and eye-catching colors are the most preferred. Lace has always projected femininity and with guipure lace, you are feminine and stylish at the same time.

Bando dresses

Self-confidence, beauty and charm – if you think you have these then the bando dress is definitely yours. This strapless style was originally meant to be held up by a corset but 2016 trends have featured it with thin lacing, which is attached to the shoulder and neck as a means of support. Among the high school prom dresses, this is definitely the sleekest.

Ball gowns with fluffy skirts

Nothing says “princess” more than ball gowns and they are making a comeback in prom gowns this year. For structure, the upper part consists of a slimming corset to give you the trim look. And of course, it’s the skirt that will do the talking. Organza, taffeta or layers of tulle and chiffon will speak volumes indeed.

Long slit gowns

Ah, to have that Angelina Jolie moment! A sidelong slit dress is a sure winner especially if you are the willowy type. Nonetheless, don’t be mistaken that only tall girls can rock this look. This prom gown that can successfully disguise figure flaws so you can definitely wear it no matter what your body type is.

Pleated dress

It’s all about a romantic look with the pleats. This prom gown style is making a comeback this 2016 and it’s one of the most popular so far. Draped over the torso or simply as a skirt, you can’t go wrong with this look because of its undeniable elegance. Fabrics may also vary from the sheer or to silky ones for a more luxurious feel. Deep and rich shades are also on point if you want to make a statement.
A prom gown is special for a girl. It represents her style but most of all, the prom gown is an article of clothing that she wears to feel the most beautiful in one memorable night.

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