Senior Prom Dance Clothing and Shoes: Making The Right Choice

Dressing for the prom dance needs to be considered when choosing a prom dress. You have to find the perfect dress (or suit and tux if you’re a guy), perfect shoes, and coordinate your hair and makeup for a complete look. However, getting ready for an evening prom party with dance makes your prom dress choice slightly more complex. While the concept is the same, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing clothing and shoes for the dance.

First of all, the dress code for the prom will inhibit your dancing to a degree. This leaves you with the endeavor to choose your attire for comfort and practicality. Whether you are dancing a slow dance such as the waltz, rumba or an upbeat dance like the jive or jitterbug, you need to choose attire that you can move easily in and won’t get tangled up around your partner. For example, consider choosing a dress made of silk; it flows easily and doesn’t tangle.

Prom Dance Attire Should Be Comfortable

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Remember that although the prom is a formal event, your dress doesn’t have to be covered in heavy sequins, jewels, or feathers. Choose a dress with a moderate amount of accents, as overbearing decorations can easily get in the way and cause discomfort to both you and your partner. Fashion is definitely an important, but not as important as your level of comfort while dancing.

Prom Dance Shoes Should Be Fashionable And Supportive

Choosing shoes for the prom dance is just as important as choosing the dress. However, the shoes you wear largely depend on what type of dance you will be performing. There are special shoes for jazz dances, jive dances, swing dances, etc. Therefore, advance preparation is the key for choosing the right shoes. Most professional dance shoes are lightweight – heavy-soled shoes can greatly obstruct your dancing and leave you with extremely sore feet. The maximum height for ladies’ shoes is three inch heels, whereas men’s shoes are around one and a half inches.

Like choosing a dress, shoes for the prom dance should not be based on appearance alone. Again, you may have to jump, twirl, or kick in these shoes, so you need them to be comfortable and supportive of your feet. Most shoes are open-toed, although this may not be the best choice. This easily exposes your toes to being stepped on, so consider going with a close-toed shoe. If you find that the heel is too uncomfortable, you can purchase insoles designed specifically for women’s high heel shoes. The last thing you want to do is damage your feet, legs, or back because your shoes did not fit properly.

Finally, beware of shoes with tight back straps or ones that are heavily decorated. This can cause undue rubbing on your feet, which in turn leads to nasty blisters. Shoes that are too busy could easily damage during dancing, so try to keep accents to a minimum when choosing your dance shoes.  You may even want to consider having two pairs of shoes – one for the dinner and one pair for the dance.

The prom dance will be one of your most cherished high school memories. By following these tips to choosing your prom dance dress and shoes, you will not only be fashionable but comfortable – the most important factor in any type of dancing!

Photo by Randy Kashka prom dance|Stark County