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Priced Right Prom Dress: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Dress

Finding a cute and priced right prom dress can be challenging. Being armed with the best information will help you decide if you are truly getting a special deal.

It is important to know one’s body shape before embarking on the journey looking for a perfectly priced right prom dress. It is one basic fashion rule that girls must adhere to if they want to look stunning in that dress.

Choose The Right Color Prom Dress

What color of prom dress attracts your attention? What catches your eye will probably do the same for others. Search for a dress that excites you.  Look for a dress that will make your hair and eyes pop. You want to look your best and if you are excited about what you are wearing so will others.

Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and topaz yellow ALWAYS look good. Coral, dark grey, royal purple and some lighter shades of gold are pleasing to the eye.  Splashes of orange, bright blue, flourescent yellow or pink and springy green are sure to turn heads.

To Tan Or Not To Tan

Should you get a tan or have your hair lightened before the prom? You should wait until after you have chosen a prom dress or two before making that decision. A light tan may look better than a dark one so take some time to decide taking into consideration the dress you pick out. Ultimately you are the one that has to decide if a tan or hair color change would be of benefit to you. 

This is a very important tip: don’t go dyeing your hair the day before the prom. If it turns out badly, you’ll have no time to change it. If you can avoid it, don’t do your hair color by yourself. Either a friend who knows how to do hair or a stylist would work best. Don’t be afraid to get opinions from friends and parents!

Your Prom Dress Style Should Compliment Your Body Height

What prom dress styles look good on a tall slender girl?  Being tall is a good thing! Making you look stunning has as much to do with your skin coloring as much as the dress style does.  For instance, a fair skin color will look washed out with a light colored dress. Too dark a color will make the dress stand out and you will fade into the background. You want the dress to make you stand out!

For a pale person, look for a two-tone dress with the darker color meeting your skin. Think about the contrast between the dress and your skin tone. Too much contrast looks un-natural.  You want the colors to blend gently so that the dress can pop without losing the focus on you.

For those with red hair, purple is an amazing color. For a tall girl consider a strapless dress. Your shoulders will be highlighted, whereas a one shoulder dress may draw attention away from your face and hair.

Orange and green work well together. The orange will warm up your skin color and green will create a nice break and contrast. Look for a fuller skirt as this will give you added curves.

You will really stand out with a bold pattern and a jeweled waist will accentuate your figure. Consider blue and gold as good colors with this in mind.

Armed with these tips should help you find several priced right prom dresses that are just right and within your budget.  Where ever you go take time to try on several dresses of different styles and colors. Be conscious of the help you receive from the employees. An unbiased third opinion is extremely valuable. Your emotional attachment to a particular dress will override making a logical decision so consider the opinions of others carefully.

Above all, take your time to choose a dress that you feel good about and your prom experience will be one to cherish.  Don’t wait until the last second to begin looking for a priced right prom dress.