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 How To Cut Your Wedding Budget Without Ruining Your Dream Day

 Looking to develop a wedding budget that will be easy on your wallet without ruining your wedding expectations?  Here are some tips to save on the costs of your special day.  Using just two or three of these tips can save you hundreds of dollars.  You want your wedding day to be extra special and full of pleasant memories, but that does not mean it has to be expensive.  “Expensive” will be a memory you do not want to have.

Weddings Can Be Expensive -Plan Your Wedding Budget Wisely

 The truth is, however, weddings can be expensive! The average wedding budget now tops over $27,000.  In New York City, the average is over $65,000. The wedding industry brings in over $30 billion per year!

 We all realize that weddings are big events. Anything that involves renting a large space, food, drinks, flowers, and receiving gifts is going to be expensive. But there are many ways to reduce the costs.

 Consider these strategies to reduce your wedding budget:

  •  1. Focus on fun rather than perfection

          Fun is pretty inexpensive. Perfection costs a fortune. Think about a wedding that will be affordable and enjoyable for both you and your guests.  Get creative and don’t think that “big” is necessarily better.


  • 2.    Be mindful of the time of year

          The summer is the most expensive time of the year for a wedding and will most definitely increase your wedding budget. Any other time of the year can be 20-30% less expensive. Certain flowers are also cheaper or more expensive at certain times of the year.  Off season, try negotiating a better price with the photographer, caterer, florist, etc.


  • 3.    choose your wedding shop carefully

Bridal gowns can vary greatly in price and quality.  Find a shop that doesn’t have added fees and has a large selection of dresses with prices that will fit any wedding budget.  Wedding dress consultants can be very helpful picking out just the right dress for you within your wedding budget.


  • 4.    Skip engraved invitations

          You can save up to $500 by having your invitations thermo-graphed. They’ll look just as good.  In reality, your invitations are rarely saved after your big day is over so save some expense here.  You may even want to make your own invitations.  Your guests will appreciate the personal touch and time you took creating them yourself.


  • 5.    Think about an alternative to a dinner meal

          Having lunch or brunch at your wedding can save 30% on your reception. You can save even more by having an afternoon wedding with just cake and some hors d’oeuvres.  Most receptions are limited in attendance because of the expense of the meal. Remember this day is about you and not your guests.  Your guests just want to be a part of your big event and will be thrilled to join in the festivities after the wedding ceremony even with only cake and refreshments served.


  • 6.    Check out the park

Many cities and towns rent out buildings and parks at a low rate.  This is a great way to save money and keep your wedding budget in range, but have a backup plan ready just in case the weather turns ugly.

  •  7. Consider getting your transportation from a funeral home

          This may sound strange for a wedding, but seriously funeral homes frequently have limousines sitting idle. You might be able to call them and get a great deal.


  • 8.    Pass on the band

          Hiring a D.J. is much less expensive than a band.  If you really need to cut your wedding budget even more, create your own music CD or two and skip the D.J.   Use your sound system (or borrow one from a friend) and save even more.


  • 9.    Negotiate

          When it comes to more expensive items, things are rarely set in stone. Aggressive negotiating is the best way to save money on a wedding.  When negotiating there is always give and take from both parties.  Don’t expect a lower price without some concessions on your part.  If you are a patient and successful negotiator, your wedding budget will be looking good by now.


  • 10. dress down while shopping

Many florists have admitted quoting a price based upon the car and the clothing of the shopper.  Dress modestly not ghetto.  The saying, “A first impression is a lasting impression” applies here. You don’t want to give the store consultant a wrong impression that will affect the level of service you receive.  The way you dress as well as your attitude may be helpful in obtaining consideration when trying to negotiate a discounted price.

  • 11. Get it in writing

          If the other party isn’t willing to put it in writing, run the other way!  Many horror stories happen because there was nothing in writing.  Research the companies you use to make sure they are reputable, but you still need a written agreement.  Most weddings are planned several months in advance so do yourself a favor and double check with your vendors two weeks before the wedding to make sure they have you on their calendar.

  • 12.  Rent your dress

          Sentimental attachment is extreme for some brides, but what happens to most wedding dresses after the big day? They sit in a box in the closet until your child tosses it out in 40+ years.


  • 13. Keep the photos under control

          Photographers can be very expensive. Instead of hiring the same one for the wedding and reception, consider just hiring them for a shorter period of time.  Reconsider using a family member or friend for your pictures, however.  Unless you are completely confident in their ability, using a professional has its benefits.  This item will be your keepsake for years to come, so don’t make a blunder in this area. 


  • 14. Shop around for accessories

You can usually find costume jewelry, shoes and other accessories on sale before your day arrives.  However, a reputable wedding shop may be willing to give you a sweet deal if you buy the whole package from them.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  They want your business and it can save you a lot of time.

  • 15. Ask questions

          Always ask about hidden costs. Maybe the venue will charge you extra tax and add on a high rate of gratuity.  Bring a list of questions and ensure that the vendors are willing to answer every one of them.


 Keep these tips in mind when planning your wedding ceremony and reception. You can have a super fun and memorable event without breaking the bank or your wedding budget.