bridesmaid-dress-massilon-ohEnhancing Your Wedding With The Right Bridesmaid Dress

Deciding on the best bridesmaid dress for your wedding is the second most common consideration given after your wedding dress search.  There are several factors needed to be taken into account for choosing the right dresses for your special party.

The bridesmaid dresses need to coordinate with the colors you choose for your wedding theme.  Choose bridesmaid dress coloring that will compliment not contrast.  In addition to black-and-white schemes, some other common color pairings are blue/yellow, red/green, maroon/gold and lavender/yellow.

Bridesmaid Dress Color Is Paramount

The boldness and vibrancy of the color scheme for your bridesmaid dress should be consistent with the time of year.  Use softer pastel colors for a spring wedding.  Bold and bright colors can be used for summer weddings.  Softer earth tones for fall and bright not dreary colors for winter.

When considering dress styles the age of your bridesmaids should be given top priority.  Your wedding revolves around you and you want to be the center of attention, but your  dress selection should make your attendants look stunning as well.  Choose styles that are appropriate for their age and body styles. 

You do not want your party to feel uncomfortable or immodest.  Remember that your wedding, pictures and reception will last several hours at minimum so choose dress styles that will be comfortable as well.  Shoe comfort should also be a major factor when choosing shoe/sandal styles.

The time of year will determine whether you want long sleeves, short sleeves or long or short dresses.  Strapless, spaghetti straps or covered shoulder(s) can be incorporated into any season. 

Many Designers To Choose From

At Linde’s Bridal & Prom we have several designers to choose from.  Our experienced staff can help you choose from designers such as Jasmine, Forever Yours, Mori Lee, Monlight, Alfred Angelo, Alexia, Bill Lovkoff and Pretty Maids.

The right  dress for your bridesmaids is one of the major decisions you’ll have to make so take your time and choose wisely.  Your bridesmaids are excited about your big day so make them feel elegant and proud to be in your wedding by choosing a beautiful bridesmaid dress for them.